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11 years old Eden Kontesz is a singer and actress who has already made a name for herself in Hollywood. Eden has been performing/singing in concerts, shows, TV, corporate events, sporting events, and galas since she was 5, in venues such as the Beverly Hilton, The Saban theater, the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA and more.

Eden, who has a perfect pitch, has shown her musicality since she was two years old. Eden’s voice was featured on Director Catherine Hardwicke’s (“Twilight”) series “Don’t Look Deeper” and she participated as a lead singer in a global project for Corona Relief- a collaboration between 13 time OSCAR nominee Diane Warren and the United Nations. The project includes featured singers from 6 continents and an orchestra/choir of 160 musicians,

As an actress, Eden was featured in commercials, filmed for the TV show “Transparent”, sung on “The Simpsons”, recorded with famed song - writer Matthew Wilder and she has recently recorded the theme song for a feature film that will be released by the end of the year.  As a voice Over actress, Eden is the voice of “Little Billy” in the audio book “The Adventures of Little Billy” that is currently being developed into an animated TV series ( and she has recently recorded voice over for a feature film for a major streaming platform. As she has an extremely musical ear, Eden can speak in different accents and can study accents fast.

Eden has much experience in leading roles of musical theater, from “Legally Blond“  and “High School Musical” to “Frozen”, where she has recently played the lead role of Elsa.

In 2019-2020, Eden performed the National Anthem at the opening games of “Supercross” at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim three times, in front of a crowed of 45,000.

Eden is working on her piano playing skills and loves swimming, dancing and drawing.

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